Beyond Four Walls

Breaking Out of the Adventist Comfort Zone

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So often as Christians and especially Adventist Christians, we live isolated lives. Our Christianity is hidden within our four walls and we exclude those who don't dress like us, look like us, sing our Adventist-style music, wear our Adventist-style clothes, or practice our traditions. Still, we can conclude that we are good God-fearing people, and for most, that is a true statement.

Christians in general have a streak of selfishness that runs deep in our core set values. How easy it is for us to be comfortable, residing in our safe warm and cozy Adventist environment. A look at Christ’s methods and His practices are truly in odds with modern-day Christianity. Selfish love cripples the power of God. In order for us to truly live out the true meaning of what Jesus promoted we must vacate the Adventist comfort zone of playing it safe.

What is this love that Jesus was so good at showing? Was it a mere act? Or was it a sincere an attempt to show that He was concerned more about human needs than He was about dogma? Did Jesus understand that doctrine never reaches a person’s heart unless the person that is delivering the doctrine is able to connect with the person’s needs? It is impossible for us to think that doctrines have feelings, that doctrines can touch a person where they truly itch. Love—true love—ventures out into the unknown, to the uncertain, cruel, dangerous environment.

As Christians, we must be willing to step out of the Adventist comfort zone and stereotypes—our norms, our opinions, and our biases—to reach the unreached and to save the unsaved and to touch the untouchable. While it is safe to remain behind those walls, there is no growth for us unless we step out. We have created a generation of spiritual midgets and immature Christians because the only way to grow is by exercising unlimited, unbiased, unrestrained, unrestricted love toward our fellow man. Christ’s methods alone are the true example of showing love. His methods never erected any walls but His main goal was to tear down walls.

Church walls in themselves are wrong. Walls isolate and insulate us from the world. Our goal as Christians should never seek to build walls but to tear them down so that the love of God can flow out freely. Then, those who need His love the most can come to Him without any restrictions. There are no walls when it comes to moving closer to Jesus and being a part of His family of believers. To the undocumented, He says, “Come.” To the poor, He says, “Come.” To the widow, He says, “Come.” To the rich, He says, “Come.” Jesus said, “Whosoever will…let him come,” (Revelation 22:17).

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