Surviving Harvey

Learning From My Hurricane Experience

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Houston, Texas » My neighborhood sits against a levee, and as rain saturated our city, the levee started to fill. When the sheriff and police officers came to talk to us about evacuating, they explained how excess rain would force the levee to flood our subdivision.

They insisted on a mandatory evacuation for some of the homes in our subdivision. My neighbors were upset and angry. Then, the officers struck a rather intolerant tone: “Either you leave, or don’t bother to call us if and when the levee breaks.”

Many were upset. They didn’t want to leave their homes and definitely didn’t appreciate that tone. The next day, when the police returned, they shut down power to those homes which might be in danger. Then, residents were forced to leave.

Many of us are just like my neighbors. God has given us His love and yet many of us refuse to take it. He has given us warnings, and yet we ignore those warnings. The Bible has given us example after example of people who went against God’s word. Yet we ignore that still, small voice, and forge full speed ahead in the wrong direction. Do we think we know more than God? 

My neighbors fought the very people who were trying to help them. But many of us do the same thing spiritually. We fight God for our way instead of asking Him which way to go. The evacuation was inconvenient, but it was for our protection. 

Proverbs 3:5 reminds us, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

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