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The mandate given by Christ to His faithful followers is to “Go!” to every nation, tongue and people with the good news of the gospel. Fortunately for us, the Lord has placed in our lap the grand opportunity to walk or drive very short distances to encounter souls from all parts of the world in our own neighborhoods and communities. Many of those neighbors desperately need a word from above and common assistance that will soften their hearts for the work of the Holy Spirit.

As we interpret the signs of the times, we see that time is short. Within the past few months, we have experienced portentous events of the greatest magnitude. That includes the tremendous devastation by Hurricane Harvey as flood waters destroyed houses, schools, churches and businesses and claimed more than 80 precious souls. Shortly afterward, the destructive winds and water of Irma swept over Florida taking over 70 lives with it. Then the crumbling effect of the earthquakes in Mexico took more than 200 lives. Puerto Rico was referred to as a war zone after Hurricane Maria went through the area. The deadliest mass shooting in recent US history took place in Las Vegas. The death toll for that crisis was nearly 60 with 500 wounded. Time is precious! 

Ellen White talks about the urgency of the hour: “Sound an alarm throughout the length and breadth of the earth. Tell the people that the day of the Lord is near and hasteth greatly. Let none be left unwarned. We might have been placed among barbarians. According to the truth we have received above others, we are debtors to impart the same to them” (Christian Service: A Compilation, p. 78).

The cities in our territory are teeming with countless souls who need to hear the gospel message. We can accomplish this task in several ways: by being the salt of the earth, by being a light in the midst of darkness, and by seeking and grasping every opportunity to do good. 

You and I have been called to take Jesus to our families, friends, neighbors and co-workers before it is too late. The key to the Great Commission is found in Matthew 28:20: “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

If Christ is with you, you will be salt, you will be light, you will be a blessing wherever you go. I am thrilled with the stories that I am hearing from our people as they witness for Christ in these waning hours of earth’s history. God is opening doors and brothers and sisters led by the Spirit are allowing themselves to be used as vessels of grace. 

May God’s kingdom continue to inherit the people of the world that reside in our midst. Only eternity will reveal the success of our efforts in the measure that we have teamed up with the Holy Spirit to do His will.

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