Hurricane Harvey

Provides Blessings in the Storm

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Spring » “It can’t get any worse than this,” Rossie Reyes said as she looked back at a year that brought a divorce and a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease. She didn’t know that a massive hurricane would soon hit her hometown and destroy her home.

Reyes and her two sons, Jose, 24, and Joshua, 17, were used to hurricane season. It wasn’t until the third day that she realized the seriousness of Harvey. As the water rose, they took cover on the second floor. A community member helped them get to dry land.

“Days after the hurricane, I walked into my house. I couldn’t help but cry,” she said. Thankfully, her church family from the Houston Northwest Seventh-day Adventist Church helped her. 

“I can say with certainty that God is with us and He will take care of us because I saw Him do it.”

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