Learning to Share Christ

Children’s Sabbath School Teacher Grows Disciples

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Amarillo, Texas » Sandra Zubia wanted to teach her Sabbath school students and son about sharing God’s love. She took children from the Amarillo Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church to the local park geared with colorful balloons and Adventist literature. With the message “Jesus Loves You” written across the balloons, it was not long before kids visiting the park flocked to the balloons and were happy to take the balloons and literature. According to Sandra, one of the Sabbath school lessons this past quarter was about when the disciples received the special gift of the Holy Spirit. Once filled with the Spirit, the disciples were excited to tell others about Jesus. “I truly believe that children of all ages are capable of sharing the good news about Jesus,” said Sandra. The children were thrilled to have shared God’s love.

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