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Burleson, Texas » The Southwestern Union Record magazine will be changing and expanding in 2018 to become more than a print magazine—it will become a suite of communication platforms that will include a variety of media. An immediate emphasis will be placed on an interactive web presence, social media, mobile platforms, and eNewsletter, as well as other digital and interactive media forms.

With this shift to include multiple channels in our communication strategy will come a change to the frequency and size of the print edition of the Record magazine. Beginning in January 2018, the magazine will be increased by 12 pages and will be mailed bimonthly rather than monthly.

Stories and news from local church members will continue to be sent to the conference communication departments for inclusion in the conference news sections of the magazine, as well as for inclusion in other channels before the magazine is published.

We recognize the value the Record as a print magazine and incorporating a more diversified strategy allows for multiple points of engagement with our members and readers. Serving as a ministry tool, the Record will continue to connect and inspire our readers through the print magazine, and with stories, photos, and videos on our social media channels, as well as interaction with a robust news and information website. 

We wish to support the mission of the Southwestern Union to equip and inspire the territory with the distinctive Adventist message of hope and wholeness. The Record will be better suited to minister to more of our members and friends more frequently by reaching them through a variety of mediums they use. 

So we invite you to journey with us as the Record continues to evolve and be an efficient ministry for those in the Southwestern Union territory and to all the world! Look for us and follow us early next year on social media platforms for the latest news and compelling stories from your churches, schools, members, and leaders. Visit in January to see a total revamp of the website that will be easy to navigate, mobile device responsive, and spirit-filled. Pray with us as we work to continue the age-old tradition of Seventh-day Adventists who were among the first to employ the use of modern technologies such as the printing press and broadcast radio to share the message of Christ’s love and sacrifice to our world.

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