Buford Griffith: To All The World

Love Never Fails

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Each year I have had the privilege of conducting an evangelistic series in some part of the Southwestern Union territory. It has been my joy and honor to work with local church pastors and their congregations to proclaim the love of Christ to people in the communities where the church resides.

The administrative work performed here at the Southwestern Union headquarters is vital and I enjoy my work tremendously, but my first love is sharing the gospel with others through public and personal evangelism. God has allowed me to observe the positive impact of the gospel on the lives of men, women, and children. I have the opportunity of ministering to people of different cultures and backgrounds. That in itself is exciting for it testifies to the fact that, regardless of an individual’s background and culture, the cross of Christ levels the ground for everyone and reminds us that we are one people—one family of humanity—loved and accepted by the God who created us in His image. Wherever you live and whatever you do, pray for the indwelling Spirit of God to ignite in your own soul the fire of enthusiasm to make Christ known to all who enter your circle of influence.

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