John Page: To All The World

Love Never Fails

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Living in the United States, we are blessed with many opportunities to share our faith. In Matthew 28, Jesus gives the commission to go into all the world. There are some countries where it is very difficult to visit and even more dangerous to attempt to spread the gospel. The interesting thing is that those same countries have people groups here in the United States. Regardless of a person’s political views on immigration, the fact is that it gives us a unique opportunity. If we can reach these people—our new neighbors—with the gospel, there is a good chance that our neighbors will then share it with their family and friends in their home country. 

Jesus calls us to show His love and character to the world. What is God calling you to do? There are so many ways that we can reach people around the world. Mission trips are a great opportunity to build churches and hold evangelistic meetings. Technology has given our Church tremendous opportunities through the Internet, television, and radio. Look around at the people at your work or in your neighborhood and become friends with those who might have connections in other countries. God wants to use you to reach the world.

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