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Shreveport Members Help Hurricane Survivors

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Shreveport, La. » More than two years ago, David Farmer, pastor of the Shreveport First Seventh-day Adventist Church, came in contact with a woman named Loretta Yelverton through eBay and started a Bible study with her. Yelverton gets Farmer’s sermons each week and has been excitedly passing them on to her own church group. She is not an Adventist, but has obtained many books by Ellen G. White. She lives in Katy, Texas, which was part of the flooded Houston area. Loretta had called the night of Hurricane Harvey and told Farmer that the water was coming up around their house and they didn’t know what would happen by morning. 

Farmer prayed with Lorretta and her husband, Andy, and asked God to send angels to surround them and protect them. When she was able to get through to Farmer again, she said that the water came up to their door step, but did not come in. Homes all around them were flooded completely!

Since the Shreveport First Church feels a special connection to Lorretta and Andy, they decided to use the Children’s Offering one Sabbath to collect money for disaster supplies and collected a little more than $500. Glenn Gifford and Farmer were able to deliver a van load of cleaning supplies to Katy where Lorretta and Andy, along with Daniel Schramm, a member of the Katy Seventh-day Adventist Church, were ready and able to help distribute supplies.

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