An Answered Prayer

Ethan and Weslee Go to Church

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Broken Arrow » Ethan has a friend named Weslee. Ethan goes to church but Weslee does not. Ethan wants his friend to go to church with him and learn about Jesus.

Every week Ethan asks Weslee to go to church with him, but his friend doesn't go. Ethan tells his mother he is going to quit asking Weslee to go to church. But he won't quit praying for his friend to go to church with him. So, all week Ethan prays for Weslee to go to church with him next Sabbath. 

Ethan is sad when he thinks that Weslee has not come to his house Sabbath morning. But when he opens the front door to go to church, Ethan is happily surprised. His friend Weslee is ready and waiting for his first day at church.

Ethan is happy. Weslee is happy. Mother is happy. God is the happiest of all as they leave for church. Ethan tells Jesus thank you for answering his prayer.

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