Texarkana Church Hosts Sustained Preparedness Seminar

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Texarkana, Ark. » The Texarkana church hosted a sustainable preparedness seminar last fall presented by Mountain Media Ministries. Special emphasis was given on low-cost solutions to use during economic instability, natural disasters, and other end-time events. Craig and Nancy Meissner, along with son, Nick, and his wife, Lisa, use their knowledge from years of living off the power grid to help others learn and develop some practical aspects of setting up a homestead that will provide life’s basic necessities for a sustained time.

The seminar began on a Sabbath afternoon with a program more oriented for an Adventist audience, and then continued on Sunday with a presentation that included the whole community. Nancy and Lisa presented live demonstrations on canning, bread making, health preparedness, and natural remedies in the kitchen area, while Craig and Nick shared what to look for in land or in building a homestead. They talked about developing independent water systems and alternative energy systems. For more information, visit their website at

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