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Outreach and community are important components of the Sabbath School experience that today's church members are seeking. Giving participants an opportunity to inspire those around them with the hope of …

Point of View

Service—An Added Dimension of Sabbath School


I have always enjoyed and been blessed by Sabbath School but I have noticed that there has been a decline in Sabbath School attendance over the years. I suppose that …

Stepping Stone

Stepping Stone to Success - September 2014


LM: Stephanie and Kenny—two young people who have graduated from Southwestern Adventist University and are pursuing fulfilling and passionate lives in Christ. Just imagine what Southwestern can do for you …


CREATION Health: Finding Happiness at Church


How would you answer someone who asked, “Does going to church make you happier and more satisfied with life?” Well, is there a connection between attending religious services and being happier? Chances …


A Taste of Heaven


As a third-generation Seventh-day Adventist, I grew up attending Sabbath School very frequently. I am originally from Kenya and moved to America 10 years ago to pursue my education. Moving …

Pass it On

If You Build It, They Will Come!


There’s an old adage: If you build it, they will come. Build an effective Sabbath School program and they will come. The Holy Spirit will provide growth in direct proportion …

Visión Hispana

Recursos de Escuela Sabática Gratuitos


La Escuela Sabática es una parte muy especial para nuestro desarrollo como cristianos, de hecho, ¿Sabías que la primera Escuela Sabática se inició en 1853 en la ciudad de Rochester, …


Sabbath School: An Instrument in God's Hands


The Sabbath School Department of the General Conference emphasizes four areas of focus for each adult Sabbath School: fellowship, community outreach, Bible study, and missions. I believe it is important …

Helpful Tools for Sabbath School


Featured here is a sampling of resources to enrich your Sabbath School, making it a dynamic center for nurturing, fellowship, Bible Study, and outreach. You can find and order these …

Sabbath School Is Small Group Evangelism


When we hear the word “evangelism” our thoughts go immediately to the public campaigns conducted in the church or some public arena; but the concept of evangelism is actually much …

Arkansas-Louisiana Conference

Ten Baptized Following Week of Prayer


Gentry, Ark. » April 26, 2014 was a high Sabbath at the Gentry church as the congregation witnessed the baptism of ten academy students.  This celebrated event took place at …

A Passion for Community Outreach


Mena, Ark. » After completing seven cookbooks, multiple cooking classes, and televised cooking shows, Kyong Weathersby is still on fire to reach her goal of helping people overcome suffering due …

CHIP Program for Fort Smith Church


Fort Smith, Ark. » There are some visibly thinner faces at the Fort Smith church. After 30 days, members of the first group to participate in CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program) …

Forrest City/West Helena Pathfinders


Forrest City, Ark. » The “Messengers,” the newly formed Pathfinder club for the Forrest City/West Helena district held their first fundraiser on July 20 in Forrest City, Arkansas. Along with …

Sabbath School: The Engine of the Church


School. The Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary gives this definition:  (1) An organization that provides instruction . . . (2) the process of teaching or learning . . . (3) a source …

Oklahoma Conference

Broken Arrow Celebrates 35 Years


Broken Arrow » This past May, the Broken Arrow church celebrated its 35th anniversary, as well as Mother’s Day. The church history was read and charter members were honored. Our …

Choctaw Hosts Weird Animals VBS Program


Choctaw » Eighteen energetic boys and girls attended the Choctaw church’s “Weird Animals” Vacation Bible School program the week of June 16-20. Each day the children participated in a variety of …

Eating Better to Serve God Better


Choctaw » Sometimes things that many consider unrelated to our spiritual lives can be very important to our relationship with Jesus. Mary Bernt held evening cooking seminars at the Choctaw …

Total Participation


It has been said that you really do not know someone until you eat together. So every Sabbath when we come together for Sabbath School, let us consider that we are …

Alva Church Investiture, Baby Dedication, and Baptism


Alva » The Alva church has been very busy this year. The church body has been very productive with adding the final touches to the new church, and the Pathfinders …

Southwest Region Conference

Southwest Region Celebrates the Ordination of Pastors


Athens, Texas » The Southwest Region Conference ended its 2014 campmeeting festivities with its annual pastoral ordination on June 21, 2014. Those ordained included: Kenn Dixon, of Garland Casalita Drive …

What If There Was No Sabbath School?


I often sit and ask myself “What if” questions. What if your church announced at its business meeting: “Starting next week there will be no more adult Sabbath School classes …

Forest Hill Experiences Third Annual Community Parade


Forest Hill, Texas » On April 27, the city of Forest Hill experienced the third annual Catch the Vision parade. The parade took place despite a rainy forecast, and multiple …

Grace Tour Comes to Agape Fellowship


Lancaster, Texas » Profound author and speaker Jeremy Anderson and his Grace Tour ministry team visited Agape Fellowship church in Lancaster on the Sabbath, July 12th, for the morning service …

Texas Conference

McKinney Church Celebrates Church Status


McKinney » Sabbath, April 26 was a special day for the McKinney church as we celebrated our new status as a church. Gary Brady from the Texas Conference and Chief Daniel …

Annual Service to be Held at Oldest Adventist Church in Texas Conference


Clifton » The Norse church, the oldest standing Adventist church in the Texas Conference, invites you to its 31st annual church service at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 11. The Keene Rocketeer …

Sabbath School: A Place Where Hearts are Fashioned


My first recollections of Sabbath School take me back to Orlando, Florida, where I must have been in the first grade. The songs, prayers, and Bible lessons were the foundations …

“Smiling Jesus” Visits Stonehill


Pflugerville » Bruce Marchiano, the actor best known for his role as Jesus in the film The Gospel According to Matthew, spent Sabbath, April 26, at the Stonehill church sharing …

Blinded by Love at Denton First


Denton » The Denton First church held a young adult worship experience April 24-27, with a focus on “blind love.” The four-day, interactive worship experience, led by Derek Lazarus, pastor, …

Texico Conference

ShareHim 2014 Philippine Mission Trip


The opportunity to serve the Lord in the mission field is a privilege and honor. When you are confronted with the realization of what God has done in your life, …

Rebuilding a Landmark


While attending the city-wide evangelistic crusade, Hope for Manila 2014: iCare, I noticed something significant during the three Sabbaths that we were in the Philippines. What struck me the most …

Southwestern Adventist University

Lifehouse: Southwestern’s Sabbath School Experience


“Every Sabbath morning I look forward to attending Lifehouse, whether I’m involved on stage or in the audience," confides Michael Demiar, senior communication major. “And that’s one of the best …

Southwestern Union

Host Let’s Move Day at Your Church!


Looking for a fun, non-intrusive way to connect with your community? A great opportunity is right around the corner! Let’s Move Day, sponsored by the North American Division, is an …

Classified Ads

September 2014 Classified Ads

Real Estate/Housing Summit Ridge Retirement Village is an Adventist community in a rural setting but close to Oklahoma City medical facilities and shopping. Made up of mostly individual homes, the …


September 2014 Announcements

Sheyenne River Academy/Dakota Adventist Academy Alumni Weekend, October 3-4, 2014 at Dakota Adventist Academy, 15905 Sheyenne Circle, Bismarck, ND.  Come and renew your friendships!  Honor Classes: ’40, ’45, ’50, ’55, ’60, '65, …


September 2014 Obituaries

Andrioaie, Constantin, born May 22, 1951 in Romania and died June 30, 2014, in Little Rock, Ark. He was a member of the Hot Springs church. Constantin was born in …

On the Record

How to Grow Your Sabbath School


I first became acquainted with the concept of Sabbath School Action Units in the mid-90s when I served as editor of Action!, a former Sabbath School resource magazine that was …

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