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Summer camp is a life-changing experience. Ever-growing and expanding, summer camp programs across the Southwestern Union provide a safe and fun environment to make friends and have fun, but more …

Point of View

Award-Winning Summers in the Southwestern Union

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I am extremely excited about summer camp! The youth departments in each of the conferences in the Southwestern Union have been working tirelessly to ensure that Summer 2017 will be …


The Power of Summer Camp

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The words “summer camp” resonate with many of us. They make us travel back to a special time, one filled with memories, experiences, and stories. These moments are recreated at …

Summer Camp Changes Lives

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Summer camp not only has a lasting effect on campers, but changes the lives of camp staff as well. Spending the summer working with children can be challenging, yet filled …

Pass it On

Camp Meeting

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I was 12 in 1960 when my family attended camp meeting in Keene, Texas. The conference-wide camp meeting was held on the campus of what was then Southwestern Junior College (now …

Visión Hispana

Campestre Adventista

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Tenía 12 años cuando mi familia asistió a un campestre en Keene, Texas por primera vez. Era 1960 y el campestre, a nivel de conferencia, se llevó a cabo en …


Annual Southwestern Union Record Summer Camp Contest

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Text messages and social media have given us the opportunity to express ideas or emotions in electronic communication through the use of small digital images or icons called emojis. They …

Arkansas-Louisiana Conference Summer Camp

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What does Arkansas-Louisiana Conference Youth Director, Jeff Villegas, have to say about summer camp? The Record: How has summer camp impacted your life? Villegas: Although I did not have the …

Oklahoma Conference Summer Camp

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What does Oklahoma Conference Youth Director, Apple Park, have to say about summer camp? The Record: Were you ever a camper at summer camp? Park: Unfortunately, no. There was not …

Southwest Region Conference Summer Camp

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What does Southwest Region Youth Director, Tyrone Douglas, have to say about summer camp? The Record: What do you love most about summer camp in the Southwest Region? Douglas: First, …

Texas Conference Summer Camp

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What do Texas Conference Youth and Young Adult Director Gary Blanchard and Associate Director, Paulo Tenorio, have to say about summer camp? The Record: Tell us about your summer camp …

Camp Meeting Schedules by Conference

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— 2017 ARK-LA Camp Meeting Schedule —  April 14-15 South Louisiana Camp Meeting in Hammond, LA South Louisiana Convention Center  44364 S. Coburn Rd., Hammond, LA 70403 Speaker: Dr. Philip …

Summer Camp Schedules by Conference/Camp

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— Arkansas Louisiana Conference — Summer Camp Schedule | Camp Yorktown Bay Cub Camp (7-10): June 11-18 Junior Camp (10-12): June 18-25 Family Camp: June 25-July 2 Tween Camp (11-13): …

Arkansas-Louisiana Conference

CYB – Camp of the Year!

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It’s people that make a difference. That’s what makes a difference at Camp Yorktown Bay (CYB). People with a vision. People with commitment. People who always want to make things …

Working at Camp

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Camp Yorktown Bay » Certain things in life cannot be adequately expressed through words, pictures, or videos. Sometimes an actual experience is needed to comprehend the full enjoyment and beauty …

Cultivating Community in Huntsville Church

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Huntsville, Ark. » A church is simply four walls, a roof, and a floor. It is the people who bring it to life. And how people give it life is …

Clarksville Adventists Join Christmas Parade

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Clarksville, Ark. » Last December, for the first time ever, the Clarksville Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church youth directors decided to join the annual Christmas parade in downtown Clarksville. The idea …

Heber Springs Kindergarteners Learn About Giving

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Heber Springs, Ark. » The Heber Springs Seventh-day Adventist Church is so proud of their Kindergarten Sabbath School class. All year, the children, Shelbie Owens, Madlyn Owens, Keeton Brent, and …

Oklahoma Conference

Summer Fun is Summer Camp!

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The definition of summer is “the warmest season of the year that is after spring and before autumn.” The definition of fun is “someone or something that is amusing or …

Our Powerful Weapon

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Oklahoma City » I recently had an experience with family members as we united to support my son-in-law. He had been in a car accident in October, and he was …

Bristow Welcomes 2017

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Bristow, Okla. » The Bristow Seventh-day Adventist Church welcomed 2017 with a candle-lit service of personal testimonies, spoken word and worship in song, both congregational and individual. Primary Sabbath School …

Southwest Region Conference

The Great Temptation to Settle

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We have all become comfortable where we are with our lives—the job, the marriage, the lifestyle, the home, and the church. We settle down and place a do not disturb …

Updates and Upgrades at Lone Star Camp

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In 2016, Lone Star Camp began operating year-round to provide a better service to the constituents, conference, and various groups. More than 20,000 guests came to visit or stayed at …

Special Recognition

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Texarkana, Tex. » During the Worship Service on February 4, 2017, the Bethel Seventh-day Adventist Church School recognized Councilman Dr. Brian Matthews for his many years of service to the …

Texas Conference

Camp Meeting: Memories for a Lifetime

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As I was growing up in an Adventist family in Denver, without a doubt one of my fondest memories is attending what was known at that time as the Colorado …

Cakes for Christian Education

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Arlington, Tex. » Each year Burton Adventist Academy has a number of students who need financial assistance to afford private Christian education. Fortunately, Burton Adventist Academy and their constituent, Arlington …

Empowering Prayer Conference in Hurst

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Hurst, Tex. » In November, the Hurst Seventh-day Adventist Church hosted a three-day prayer conference led by Eunice Davis of the Arlington Southern Worship Center Church. Mrs. Davis titled her …

Crowley Church Helps the Homeless

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Crowley, Tex. » The Women’s Ministries Department of the Crowley Seventh-day Adventist church has been busy providing warm caps and sleeping mats for the homeless in Fort Worth. Due to …

Legal Notice - March 2017

Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Notice is hereby given that the Biennial Session of the Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists will convene at the Keene Seventh-day Adventist Church, located at 114 …

Texico Conference

Old-Fashioned Camp Meeting

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During the Second Great Awakening of the early 19th century, camp meeting was held for worship, preaching, and communion. Since most churches did not have a pastor, camp meetings on …

International Sabbath at Odessa Church

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Odessa, N. Mex. » The Odessa Seventh-day Adventist Church hosted its annual International Sabbath on December 17, 2016. Church members and friends  from neighboring churches came to support this special …

Seven Make Decisions for Baptism at Española

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Española, N. Mex. » The Española Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church began the New Year with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit as seven beautiful souls made the decision for baptism. …

Texico Conference Welcomes New Team Member

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Corrales, N. Mex. » It is a pleasure to introduce our newest Texico team member, America Alvarez. Originally from Mexicala, Mexico, she has been a resident of Albuquerque for the …

One Man’s Vision

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West Texas » In the late 1950s and 60s, a church elder named Morris D. Lewis had a passion for teaching about the Old Testament tabernacle. He wanted people to …

Southwestern Adventist University

Southwestern Has a Spring in Its Step

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Southwestern Breaks Ground on Larry R. Moore Building Keene, Tex. » Southwestern Adventist University’s Spring semester is off to a wonderful start, with an increase in enrollment, higher freshman class …

Classified Ads

March 2017 Classified Ads

Real Estate/Housing Summit Ridge Retirement Village is an Adventist community in a rural setting but close to Oklahoma City medical facilities and shopping. Made up of mostly individual homes, the …


March 2017 Announcements

Announcing Academy Days at Oklahoma Academy! If you are a student who is serious about your walk with the Lord and His mission for your life, Oklahoma Academy may be …


March 2017 Obituaries

Finley, Winona Estella, born September 13, 1940, in Phoenix, Ariz., and died December 24, 2016, in Little Rock, Ark. She was a member of the Little Rock Seventh-day Adventist Church. …

On the Record

10,008 Minutes at Summer Camp

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How many minutes does it take to change a life? 10,008 is a good number to start with as it represents a week away from the pressures of daily life …

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