Point of View

Let's Keep Evangelism Front and Center!


One day when I was 12 years old, my family and I spotted a large meeting tent that had been set up near our home in San Antonio. My mother …


Reaching People The Right Way And For The Right Reason


People are in pain. Their health, happiness, and hope are being stolen by an anti-life thief, according to Jesus in John 10:10. Here is a glimpse into their world: 2,500 …

Lead Your World

Balaam's Dilemma and the Good Life: A Note on Prosperity


Balaam is one of the most colorful and tragic Bible characters. His story reveals some of the toughest lessons on ambition, prosperity, and faith. Balaam wrestles with wanting desperately to …

Pass it On

Impact Austin


“Five years ago, I received a brochure in the mail advertising a seminar on the book of Revelation. I attended nightly for 20 nights as the speaker let the Bible …

Visión Hispana

Compartiendo en Lugares Prácticos


¿Qué pensarías si escucharas, recibieras o extendieras una invitación a una persona para que escuchara un testimonio en un establecimiento de lavado de autos? Un establecimiento así no es el lugar …


Church Plant in McKinney, Texas, Brings Light to a New Area


“We have now established an English Adventist presence in a rapidly-growing community where we didn’t have one before,” shared Dan Serns, pastor of the Richardson, Texas, church, about the new …

A Shining Light on America's Cities


A new source of light brightened the midnight sky on this past New Year’s Eve, as 3ABN’s Dare to Dream Network began shining the light of God’s Word on North …

Elder Ted Wilson on Urban Evangelism


Record editor Pat Humphrey, knowing of our world church leader Ted Wilson's passion for urban evangelism, asked him a series of questions on the topic. Here is what he had …

Reaching the Neglected Cities


Consider your neighborhood, be it urban, suburban, or rural, rich or poor. How many Adventists are living around you? How many of your neighbors are unchurched, of another faith, or …

NY13: “Revelation of Hope” in New York City


For the first time in the history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, an evangelistic initiative has been launched that will encompass all levels of the church, from the local church …

Arkansas-Louisiana Conference

How to Have a Powerful Marriage


Deridder, La. » The Deridder church enjoyed a family life seminar in July with David A. Farmer. Most people think that marriage should be like a fairytale, always pleasant, easygoing, …

Arkadelphia Church Officially Organized


Arkadelphia, Ark. » After nearly eight years of knocking on doors, giving Bible studies, and church planting, the Arkadelphia church plant became an officially organized church by the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference …

Miracles Still Happening After Hurricane Isaac


Hammond, La. » The Lord is providing so many miracles after Hurricane Isaac. As I have said several times, this disaster has been totally different from any we have helped with before. …

Understanding Big


How big is big? It’s not a trick question. It’s a matter of relativity. If we take the definition of a city to mean its administrative boundary, which may not …

Oklahoma Conference

An Opportunity At Our Doorstep


Oklahoma City » For generations, Adventists have recounted Eric B. Hare’s stories of adventure and sacrifice in Burma. However far off foreign lands like Burma might seem to be, it …

Harlan Brandon Named Deacon in Cleveland Church


Cleveland » E.J. Collins, pastor, recently ordained Harlan Brandon as a deacon in the Cleveland church, with Wes Swicegood, head deacon, and Duane Weber present. Harlan is a hard working Christian …

Church Yard Sale Helps Fund Great Controversy Project


Owasso » The Great Controversy project is very important to the Three Angels church; we want to cover several surrounding towns with full versions of The Great Controversy. In trying …

Reaching Cities for Christ


The first city mentioned in scripture was built by Cain (Genesis 4:16, 17). After the flood, the city of Babel was built (Genesis 11:4-9). Confusion resulted in that attempt, and …

Elk City Makes Strategic Plan for Evangelism


Elk City » After a thorough study of last quarter's Adult Bible Study Guide on evangelism and witnessing, the Elk City church decided to put some of its suggestions into …

Southwest Region Conference

Maranatha Church Holds Youth Week of Prayer


Alexandria, La. » The Maranatha church recently held its Youth Week of Prayer with speakers Nicole Price Patterson, April Mitchell, Shakeba Lewis, JuJuana Lynch, Oneka Weaver, David Weaver, Jr., Tashayana Byrd, …

Westbank Community Services Outreach for Children


New Orleans, La. » The Westbank Community Services Center at the Westbank United church opened its doors again to the children of its community for the summer 2012. This summer program …

Xtreme Praise Ministry Celebrates Eight Years


Alexandria, La » Recently, Xtreme Praise Ministry (XPM) celebrated their eighth anniversary at the Coughlin Saunders Performing Art Center in Alexandria, Louisiana. The center has 615 seats, and this night they …

Reaching Our Cities


While growing up in Oklahoma and Kansas, I worked at picking and harvesting a lot of different things. We picked peas, peaches, plums, pecans, apricots, berries, and cotton. In every …

Singles Celebrate 20th Anniversary Retreat with Community Service


Athens, Texas » September 1 marked the 20th anniversary of the Southwest Region Conference’s singles’ retreat, and they celebrated the event in fine fashion. This year’s anniversary event extended return …

I Give You Jesus


Covington, La. » “I Give You Jesus” was the theme of the annual tent revival at the Ephesus church. The church asked God for souls and as we sought them, …

Texas Conference

Younger Generation Church Feeds the 90,000


Arlington » Dallas-Fort Worth residents electronically voted nearly 50,000 times on Facebook through mobile texts this summer as part of Liberty Mutual Insurance’s “Like My Community” campaign. The North Texas …

Fort Worth First's Mission to Jamaica


Fort Worth » Nine members of the Fort Worth First church chose to be part of the mission team that traveled to Jamaica to minister to the people living in …

Family Fall Festival at Northwest Houston


Houston » The community service department at the Northwest Houston church, under the leadership of Muriel Turner and our pastor, Armando Miranda, Jr., embraced new faces as they came to …

The Way We Were


Weslaco » My face was pressed against the window of the 747 as we came in for a landing at the Anchorage airport in Alaska. Below was the familiar sight …

Reaching the Cities for Christ


The world’s cities present a difficult challenge for the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities with approximately 200,000 people moving from rural …

Texico Conference

Reaching People One Door At A Time


Albuquerque, N. Mex. » “Did you mention Bible prophecy?” asked a voice from the behind the door. Miranda Rietmann, the student literature evangelist at the door, responded with an unsure “Yes.” …

Adventists Stand Out at Annual Fiesta in Mora, New Mexico


Mora, N. Mex. » The small Mora group made a huge impression at the annual Mora, New Mexico, Fiesta. An event-filled weekend of rodeos, a colorful parade, noisy pick-up trucks, …

Outdoor School


Albuquerque, N. Mex. » It was a beautiful morning at the Paliza Group Campground near Ponderosa, New Mexico, when 100 students and staff arrived for the three days of the …

God Calls You and Me


It was my first time participating in evangelistic meetings. We came in a month early to begin Bible studies, contact interests, and train members on how to conduct proper studies …

Southwestern Adventist University

New Strings Program at Southwestern: Creating Beauty Together


The department of music at Southwestern Adventist University welcomes Dr. Marc Elysee, director of orchestral studies. This is the first year that Southwestern is offering a string program for students. …

Southwestern Union

Until Someone Goes Somewhere, No One is Going Anywhere


On our homestead near Carney, Oklahoma, my grandmother loved to relax on her bed on Sabbath afternoon and read stories from the Review and Herald about how the Adventist work was progressing …

Our March for Christ


“Less talk! More action! Less talk! More action!” The chant could be heard echoing throughout the streets of Fort Worth, circling a 2.9 mile perimeter around the Grace Temple church under …

Former President Cyril Miller Passes Away


With great sadness, we share that Cyril Miller, former president of the Southwestern Union, passed away on October 13, 2012 in Fort Worth, Texas. Miller was born in Preston, Oklahoma, …

Classified Ads

Classifieds November 2012


Real Estate/Housing Summit Ridge Retirement Village is an Adventist community in a rural setting but close to Oklahoma City medical facilities and shopping. Made up of mostly individual homes, the …


November 2012 Obituaries


BERNHARDT, Alfred, born December 30, 1924 in Altona, Okla., and died November 26, 2011 in Altona. He was a member of the Okeene church. Alfred was an educator at the …


Youth for Jesus Changed Me, Too!


My heart was pounding a million miles per hour. I wasn’t prepared. I just hadn’t had enough time. One day—that was all I’d had to prepare the sermon. I knew …

On the Record

Put Your Light on a Candlestick


One night Ellen White had a powerful dream in which several of the brethren were discussing their plans for the work. After a rather lively discussion they had come to …