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1.   This is the best method but you must be a netAserve support customer for it to work.  If you have a union or conference-sponsored site you can purchase support here.  Unless you are paying netAserve directly for support, please skip to Method 2.

2.   Set the name servers.  Requires logging in the account you have with your domain name registrar.  Find the Name Server settings are and change the name servers to the following, removing any existing entries:


  Note regarding domains in current use (ie - not newly purchased):  if you have other services attached to your domain, such as email, you must send us all the DNS records for services you want to keep - we'll need to duplicate them on our servers.  If you have any questions about this consult with us first or you could temporarily lose email or other services currently attached to the domain.  Write support@netaserve.com with questions.

3.  Once step one is completed, send an email to support@netAserve.com with the following information:  1. your current netAdventist site url  2.  the name of your new custom domain.  3. Specify which domain you want to be your primary site domain.   

   We will attach the new domain to your site and make sure it's working.

4.  For any problems contact Customer Support -  support@netaserve.com




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