Celebrating A Milestone

Remembering the Blessings Over the Years
March 20, 2020

VINITA, OKLA. – Doris Hallett, known and loved by so many, was greatly honored as she turned 100 years of age. Surrounded by a loving church family, her own children and lots of friends, Doris was assured that her life had blessed many as they came and expressed their appreciation to her. 

When just a youth, Doris gave her heart to Jesus and was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. She worked her way through Southwestern Adventist Junior College and received her education degree. 

She taught church school for several years and she started the first church school in Vinita. Doris will tell you that her primary object in teaching was to lead children to Jesus.

Doris recently moved into a nursing home and has made it a mission to share Christ with her fellow residents and help when she can. When she is able, she attends church on Sabbath at the Vinita Seventh-day Adventist Church where she is still a member. 

By Kay Mayes