Decisions for Christ

Seminar Moves Attendees to Baptism
October 24, 2019

COALGATE, OKLA. – The Coalgate Seventh-day Adventist Church held an evangelistic seminar from June 14 to June 29, 2019. Prior to holding the seminar series, the church held a healthy cooking class for the community in order to introduce how to eat healthfully.

The title of the series was “Revelation of Hope: A Bible Prophecy Seminar” and the speaker was Ernest Rosa.

Rosa presented the keys that unlock the book of Revelation in a clear and compelling way that gave people an uplifted and inspired feeling. His dynamic, illustrated presentations made the Bible prophecy surprisingly easy to understand. People saw the Bible open before their eyes, revealing a bright and hopeful future.

Those that attended were truly blessed with such a wonderful message of hope. The Lord was truly praised when three souls gave their lives to Christ.

By Mary Tate