Enid Group Celebrates

Congregation Achieves Company Status
December 5, 2019

ENID, OKLA.After eight years as a group, the Enid Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Group was blessed to become a church company on Sept. 21.

The new company was privileged to receive the visit of Ciro Castillo, Oklahoma Conference Hispanic ministries coordinator, and Apple Park, Oklahoma Conference executive secretary (pictured, left).

Park officiated the ceremony. Park encouraged the church to make a difference in its local community and families  and to remember that the company is chosen for His calling, to work in the community, just as Moses and David were called by the Lord.

The company was also blessed to have Pamela Fraser, Susan Castillo and Annette Park present during the special ceremony. The church received the status change with 35 members, 15 of whom hold leadership positions.

We thank God for His wonders and for the leading of the Holy Spirit, who guides us every day in the growth of the church for His purpose.

By Gregorio Avilés