Joining the Family

Four Family Members Baptized at Miami Church
February 27, 2019

KETCHUM, OKLA. – On Dec. 1, the Miami Seventh-day Adventist Church welcomed four new members through baptism. Deborah Crenshaw, women’s ministries coordinator for the Oklahoma Conference, had prayed for many years for her family to be baptized into the church as she had been 30 years previously. She and the Miami church rejoice in the baptisms of her sisters, Donna and Diane; niece, Darla; and great-nephew, Wesley.

Although raised in a Christian faith, they had each been searching for truth in the Bible and for a church that taught the truths that they were discovering. When Deborah moved in with Diane last year, the family began having a small group Bible study together, and they were overjoyed with how beautifully everything came together. Darla says it was then that she realized she needed to pray when opening the Bible and after studying. “When you do a big puzzle you pretty much do the outside first. Then you get big portions and sections of it done, but for me there were missing pieces to link it all together. I know my puzzle is far from complete, but within this past year the pieces have just popped into place faster than they ever have before and it’s linking it all together.”

Since their baptism, the family has continued the group Bible study in their home. Diane reflects, “I look forward to Saturdays now...for Sabbath study class and the blessing of Sabbath. I look forward to spreading the Word. I want the world to know that I am a Christian and an Adventist.”

By Andrew Spooner