A Message from the President

Larry R. Moore Responds to Injustice and Protests
July 22, 2020

Burleson, Tex. –  The senseless murder of George Floyd in May has shaken me, as I’m sure it has many of you, and it has brought to the forefront the issue of racism and the inexcusably protected and repeated unacceptable behavior of some in law enforcement. This behavior is a disgrace to the countless men and women who put their lives on the line to serve and protect their communities every day. People across the country and the globe are speaking up with mostly peaceful protests, but the scenes of violence and looting we see portrayed on the news have detracted from the work of these demonstrators. 

I have witnessed racist behavior first hand, and was taught by my parents to stand up against it. Growing up in San Antonio in the 1950s, my mother taught me that all are God’s children, no matter their skin color. As a young boy I witnessed my mother speak up and act on her belief that everyone should be treated with the same respect and regard, and that none should live in fear. 

As we grapple with the reality of the state of our nation and our homes, I encourage you to have uncomfortable conversations with your children, families, neighbors and friends. Demonstrate for your children and grandchildren the love of God for all people. I encourage us all to ask God for wisdom and discernment in our self-reflection.

Larry R. Moore, President