A Providential Blessing

Fairview Mosaic Members Work to Share God's Light
October 24, 2019

FAIRVIEW, TEX. – Earlier this year, the Fairview Mosaic Christian Fellowship Church joyfully completed the debt-free purchase of a very critical two-acre piece of land that allows the church optimum future building sites in addition to its existing 2.5 acres of property.

The providential opportunity to purchase this property at $250,000 below the going rate allowed Mosaic to close on it in late November 2017, with a $200,000 short-term mortgage.

Only 14 months later, on Sabbath, Feb. 2, 2019, Mosaic members burned the mortgage with Loney Duncan, building committee chair; Steve Holloway, church treasurer; Frank Lugo, pastor; and Bill Byard, first elder, officiating.

The congregation looks forward to witnessing God’s continued leading in the future as the church partners with Him to provide facilities that will potentially allow space for Family Life and Community Services. Then, His light and love can shine more brightly in the surrounding area.

Article and photo by Cosette Goodnight