A Special Visit to Bethel Church

June 30, 2023

TEXARKANA, TEX. – On March 18, 2023, W. S. Lee and Wilma Kirk Lee came to Bethel Seventh-day Adventist Church and lit it up with love and sweetness! Lee’s message was entitled, “Is Jesus Safe in the Black Family?” and Wilma Lee blessed our souls with a beautiful solo entitled, “When Jesus Comes the Tempter’s Power is Broken.” 

The Lord has truly blessed these two with a sincere love for talking about the love of the family. The Lees are famous for their Thursday evening broadcast at Southwest Region Conference called “Table Talk.”

After a lovely prepared luncheon by the members of the Bethel Church, the Lees blessed our souls with a presentation and exercise about the family. Bethel Church Family Ministry Leaders are brother and sister Leon Elijah.

We offer a special thanks to the Lees for a fruitful visit! May the God of heaven continue to bless you both as you travel spreading the message of love to many more families!

By Sandra Clemons