A United Front

Churches in the New Orleans Area Come Together
October 27, 2021

NEW ORLEANS – The theme of “one church in several locations” has always permeated the air in the New Orleans area churches. As a result, the Greater New Orleans United Seventh-day Adventist Church group, GNO.3, was formed. This group consists of representatives from the six area churches—Ephesus, Caffin, New Orleans East, Emmanuel, Glad Tidings and Westbank United. 

The vision is “to operate as one united and consolidated pool of resources, ripe for real and relevant ministry in the New Orleans metropolitan area.” Committee leaders were chosen to implement this vision and plan programs that all churches would participate in together. The committees consisted of the departments of Community Service, Children’s Ministry, Youth, Family Life and Health Ministries.

Several programs have taken place since the formation of the GNO.3. All churches come together monthly via YouTube, Facebook and Free Conference Call for prayer meeting each first Wednesday. United Children’s Day on July 24 was at the Caffin church. The following day was the United church picnic. 

Upcoming events, which include the support of all churches, are: Caffin Ave Evangelistic Crusade, Ephesus Evangelistic Crusade, United Thanksgiving Services and Holiday Banquet at the end of the year.

The GNO.3 continues to move forward under the direction of the Lord. The area ministers are all interested in implementing the vision with one goal in mind—to prepare for Christ’s soon return.

By Patrice F. Haywood