Accepting Jesus

Two Young Boys Commit Their Lives
October 19, 2018

CHEROKEE, OKLA. – On June 30, 2018, on a beautiful Sabbath afternoon, a group of believers met at Salt Plains State Park Lake to witness two boys make a life-commitment to Christ in baptism. Quaide and Shawn Simpson have not only completed several sets of Bible studies including “My Place With Jesus” and “Landmarks of Prophecy,” but have also made the forward steps of inviting their neighbor-friends over and conducting Bible studies in their home and bicycling across town to lead Bible studies at their cousin’s house. Every month, they volunteer their time unloading the food pantry truck and distributing food in the community and volunteering time at the community thrift store. They have participated in Adventurers every year for six years and are online students of Sycamore Adventist Academy. In preparing for Adventurer Bible Bowl, the boys have deeply studied the life of Moses, the book of Daniel, the Sanctuary and frequently build Sanctuary models with their Legos. Shawn, remarkably, can quote entire chapters of both Daniel and Revelation. He sometimes pulls random people to the side at camp meeting to share with them the incredible messages of Daniel 2 and Daniel 7, and has subsequently given sermons at various churches. While these are incredible accomplishments for an eight-year-old and a nine-year-old, the boys understand that this is only the beginning of a life-long journey, holding God’s hand as He leads the way in their lives.

By Gabi Simpson