Advent Ridge Academy

New Hospital Name Inspires New School Name
April 18, 2019

SAN MARCOS, TEX. – After years of discussion, San Marcos Adventist Junior Academy is now Advent Ridge Academy. The school board, affirmed by the San Marcos Seventh-day Adventist Church body at the fall business meeting, voted to change the school name. This past January, it was approved by the Texas Conference Board of Education.

The school board and staff entertained many different names over the years knowing we serve an area greater than San Marcos, and not wanting to limit the grades offered by including junior in the name. With the recent name change of our sister hospital to AdventHealth Care Center San Marcos, our school board members were inspired by the beautiful meaning of the name, Advent. God has blessed us with a setting that overlooks the beautiful Texas Hill Country to the west of us. Many gorgeous sunsets have been enjoyed from atop that ridge.

The transition to our new name will happen slowly over the next few months and into the summer. Find more information at

By Kristi Reeves