Adventist Education

Working Together to Provide a Peaceful Future
October 17, 2018

ALVARADO, TEX. – “It takes a village” is a common expression to describe when people come together for a common goal. It perfectly describes Adventist education. When families, churches and schools work together to provide an incredible education for young people, it is more than just reading, writing and arithmetic they are learning.

“There are good people everywhere and schools with great educational opportunities.” says John Hopps, Texas Conference Education Superintendent. “Adventist education provides the combination of both along with a family fellowship like none other.”

It has been fun to see that connection for my own family as my son in college attends class with a former elementary classmates from 3,000 miles away.

People notice the difference as well. Recently, Burton Adventist Academy received an email through their community feedback forum. A gentleman watched as Burton students, in their athletic uniforms, cleaned up a mess made by someone else before they left the food establishment. What an impression they made by their simple act of kindness.

Helping others is not usually in core instruction, but is part of the Bible-based curriculum experienced at an Adventist school. Stephan Gray, North Dallas Adventist Academy Director of Student Services and International Student Program, traveled this past spring with students to Santa Elena, Belize, for a mission trip. “While we came to construct a building, God had us come so that He could construct renewed relationships with Him,” Gray reflected. It is those relationships that set Adventist education apart from other schools: a comradery to excel in our individual areas while paving a way for a peaceful future. A peace that only comes from a true relationship with Jesus Christ. A relationship that Barna studies show impacts the rest of our lives.

In today’s society, how can we not give the best education possible to our young people? One that values life as much, if not more so, than educational status. No one said it would be easy. Most things in life usually are not. But, if we work as a village to surround our young people, we will have done our part to secure their peaceful future for eternity.

By Tamara Michalenko Terry, Associate Communication Director