Adventurer Family Camp

A Weekend Focused on Our Destination: Heaven
June 17, 2019

CLIFTON, TEX. – Lake Whitney Ranch was once again the site for the annual Adventurer Family Camp for Texas Conference Adventurers and their families. Usually held in October, the weekend was rescheduled due to bad weather. Thankfully, the new Easter weekend date was beautiful.

The camp program began with a spectacular opening ceremony showing Jesus riding on a cloud with four angels leading the way. Each club was asked to have a child represent them with a club flag or sign. The chosen Adventurers entered through the pearly gates where Jesus placed a crown on their head. It was a beautiful moment, with many tears shed, as we pictured in our mind what it will truly be like to have Jesus place that crown on our own heads.

The United Praise Worship team (pictured below) blessed us at each service. They had the kids excited and ready to worship our God through song.

Wayne Jamel, a pastor from New York, shared Bible-based messages that helped the Adventurers see that Jesus is there to help through the struggles of the world, so that we can reach our destination: heaven.

Sabbath afternoon activities included picking a heavenly name and writing it on a rock with invisible ink; learning about and placing their name on the tree of life; making crowns; fun games choosing an animal mask and a new Family Worship Spinner game that each family took home to help with family worship.

The best part of the weekend was the four baptisms held on Sabbath morning.

By Bo Gendke, Printing Director