An Eggstra Special Sabbath

First Reading and Baptism Makes Easter Sabbath Special
August 17, 2021

MARIETTA, TEX. – It was the first reading for my husband Lonny and me to transfer our membership to the Marietta-New Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church when Tiffany Caez gave her life to Christ Easter weekend.

Caez was raised Jehovah’s Witnesses, but always felt like something wasn’t quite right. She prayed to God over and over to show her the truth. When she moved to the Marietta area, she met Jimmy Lindsey. Lindsey was headed to church one Sabbath when Caez asked where he was going dressed up on a Saturday. He shared that he was going to church. Puzzled, she explained that she’d been reading about the Sabbath, but didn’t realize there was a church that kept Saturday as the true Sabbath. Jimmy invited her to visit.

The next Sabbath, Caez attended the New Hope church. After Bible studies with Judy Fincher and Ernesto Illingworth, pastor of New Hope church, Caez made the decision to give her life to Christ and became a baptized member of the New Hope church family.

By Bonnie Weitzel