Anointed for Service

Friendship Evangelism at Work in Vinita
April 27, 2021

VINITA, OKLA. – When Jesus was baptized, the Holy Spirit, like a dove, lighted upon Him and anointed Him for His saving mission, and He heard His Father declare: This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. When anyone surrenders their life fully to Jesus, the Father declares His pleasure and the Holy Spirit begins to fill that heart with divine love and power for a new life of service.

Luke and Nicholas Toews are brothers and students at Ozark Adventist Academy who responded to the Holy Spirit and gave their hearts to the Lord in baptism. Jerry Mayes, pastor, assisted by Michael Smith, OAA boys’ dean, baptized them. Smith witnessed their spiritual growth and was delighted to participate and offer a fervent prayer for the in-filling of the Holy Spirit.

Meanwhile, Eddie Thornburg (bottom left) experienced a very unique baptism. He had attended Adventist church as a child, with his mother, Mary Cole. When he listened to the evangelistic sermons presented by Mayes, Thornburg’s heart was touched anew and he indicated his desire to be baptized and become a member of our Vinita church family. However, as Thornburg was scheduled for surgery, and the baptistery was not ready, Mayes decided to baptize him in a jacuzzi bathtub. It was such a blessing to witness his enthusiastic joy as he was lowered into the water and anointed with the Holy Spirit to make him a powerful witness for Jesus.

Gloria Sawin (center) studied the Amazing Facts Bible studies with Connie Patrick. Patrick and the church rejoiced as Sawin arose radiantly from the baptismal pool. We pray for the Holy Spirit to fill her life.

Another baptismal praise is Donna Ellis (bottom right). Ellis is a health client of Becky Siler. She was invited by Siler to attend our church in Vinita. Ellis had attended Adventist churches several years ago, and she hesitantly accepted the invitation. She had no desire to become a member. As she listened to God’s Word and experienced the love of the church family, the desire grew in her heart to become a member of our congregation. She could hardly wait to be baptized and anointed for service. Her enthusiasm filled us with joy. We desire to lead souls to the Savior and see them all prepared for Jesus’ soon return.

By Kay Mayes