Ardmore Church Hosts Trinity Simposium

January 1, 2022

ARDMORE, OKLA. – “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” 1 John 4:8. Have you ever deeply pondered this verse? The verse does not read that God displays love or that God demonstrates love but that God is love. A declaration of being. What a concept! Do you believe the Bible to be true? Was there ever a time when God was not love?

Where do we see the greatest demonstration of love? The family unit, as God has originally intended, places love on full display. True, love can exist between a young couple, but it is expanded exponentially when a child becomes the product of that loving relationship. Therefore, love is perfected between three parties made in the image of God. This was one of many incredible insights covered in the recent Godhead/Trinity Symposium held in Ardmore.

Distinguished doctors Frank Hasel, Jiri Moskala, Denis Kaiser and Clinton Wahlen from the Biblical Research Institute graciously accepted an invitation from our local Oklahoma Conference officers to present on the topic of the Godhead, or Trinity, as one of the foundational Seventh-day Adventist Church biblical beliefs. They covered key evidence from the Old and New Testaments concerning the personal attributes of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Hasel gave an incredible Sabbath sermon on the necessity of humility—one of the Godhead’s chief attributes. It was a blessing to hear from such humble men who have been placed in positions of leadership within our greater church structure—pray for these men and their work!

If you missed this symposium in person, you will want to watch the presentations that were filmed and posted on the Ardmore Seventh-day Adventist YouTube channel:

By Brock Mayer