Ardmore Garden

Academy Students Build, Plant, Study and Learn
August 15, 2019

ARDMORE, OKLA. – This past spring, students at Ardmore Adventist Academy were given the opportunity to work together and build a garden.

In early March, a form was built so that students could take aluminum hoops and bend them into shape for the garden. Students had to cooperate to balance the forces needed to bend the hoops properly.

Another day the students learned how to hoe the garden. The students worked together as a team to lay down tarping to control weeds on a portion of the garden yet to be planted. Students also got both science and character/spiritual lessons along with these activities as they spent time obtaining core samples to analyze the soil for our garden project. Students filled trays with soil and they planted hundreds of plants during their lunch hour. We have also done some rather complicated math problems related to the numbers of plants planted, plugs per tray, trays per row, etc. It has been a very educational endeavor.

By Mary Burton