Bathhouses and Baptisms

June 30, 2023

CLIFTON, TEX. – In life, it is easy to focus on the “To Do” list and forget to appreciate the “Done” list. The same thing can happen in our prayer life. How often do we give God the list of what we want or need and forget to praise Him for what He has done, especially when He worked something out better than we could imagine?

Lake Whitney Ranch (LWR) has seen incredible improvements, especially in the past year. Volunteers transformed a saddle barn into a beautiful space with additional sleeping quarters. Adventurers and Pathfinders were able to use two of the new bath and shower houses during their camping weekends, RV guests enjoyed the new amenities designed for them and LWR has seen an increase in reservations.

“We can’t build accommodations fast enough,” Hector Perez, Lake Whitney Ranch director, stated. “It is exciting to have different groups joining us during the week or weekend. Once we can build the additional cabins, we can accommodate even more groups.”

“I applaud the LWR committee for working in phases to finish the projects,” Randy Terry, Texas Conference treasurer, shared. “As much as it would be nice to have everything built all at once, it is appreciated even more knowing we are being fiscally responsible with God’s money.”

“That being said, if someone wants to donate money for a pool, we would be happy to move that project up on the priority list,” Perez added with a chuckle.

Perez has had requests for a pool, but a donor has yet to come forward. Until then, after the bathhouses, the priorities are to complete more cabins to accommodate the larger group requests.

Perez continues to praise the volunteers who work tirelessly to transform old spaces into usable spaces for the ranch and for summer camp staff and campers. “Each year, we have something new for them to make their LWR experience even better,” Perez shared.

Whether staying in a cabin, sleeping in a tent, using a new bathhouse or a portable shower, the best part of LWR is the baptisms. Heaven rejoices when each person chooses Christ as their savior and partakes in baptism either in the portable baptistry, in the lake or at their home church.

“Every conference-sponsored event at LWR has a spiritual component encouraging a lasting connection,” shared Elton DeMoraes, Texas Conference president. “Whether through a sermon, music or the friendships made, LWR provides a Christ-like atmosphere designed to make a difference. Only in heaven will we see the true impact of this ministry.”

Be a part of this impactful ministry by scheduling a visit, volunteering to help, donating at or giving in a tithe envelope marked Lake Whitney Ranch Development. Email if you are interested in giving larger gifts or items.

As the LWR website shares, Lake Whitney Ranch is a heart haven, bringing healing and hope through education, recreation, wellness training and spiritual guidance in a grace-filled community of believers, surrounded by nature.

Thanks for keeping the LWR projects in your prayers as they strive to be “A Light in the Heart of Texas.”

By Tamara Michalenko Terry

Associate Director for Communication & Public Relations