Bathrooms and Showers in Progress at Lake Whitney Ranch

June 20, 2022

CLIFTON, TEX. – For years, there have been discussions about the need for bathroom/shower houses in the open area at Lake Whitney Ranch (LWR) in Clifton, Tex. This year, those installations are finally coming to fruition. 

“The infrastructure was the first hurdle the LWR Operating Committee (LWROC) had to overcome,” Randy Terry, Texas Conference treasurer and LWROC chair, shared. “We couldn’t build bathroom or shower houses without the necessary sewer lines. We applaud LWR Director Hector Perez’s determination to find a company willing to get through the hard ground and rock to lay the lines.”

While obtaining several contractor bids for the construction of the bathroom/shower houses to present to the LWROC, Texas Conference finance and executive committees, Perez soon learned it was more cost-effective for the contractor to build four buildings at the same time, providing 48 sinks, toilets and showers. That is more than the portable showers currently rented for large event weekends.

“The contractor chosen said he could have them built in six months,” Perez shared. “Knowing COVID-19 has caused some delays in materials, we are hopeful they will be ready for the April 2023 Pathfinder Camporee.”

The cost for all four bathroom/shower houses, which will include family areas, is estimated at $2.5 million. Terry shared that there is currently $1 million available for this project. To complete the project in a timely manner, before costs increase even more, $1.5 million will be borrowed, if necessary, from the Southwestern Union Revolving Fund.

Texas Conference Youth & Club Ministries Director Paulo Tenorio challenged Adventurer and Pathfinder clubs during their weekend events to start fundraising to help quickly pay off the bathroom/shower houses. “I didn’t specify a required amount to raise,” Tenorio said. “I know they have lots of things they are raising funds for, but I also know they are an important part of this legacy at LWR.”

During the Pathfinder Camporee, a check was presented to LWR for $19,070 from the trust of Jo Frazier-Meyer. In “A Tribute to Nanaw,” the family described her as having a “passion for missions, serving the Lord, studying her Bible, without getting bored.” She created the trust in 1991 to remember various ministries within the Texas Conference. “This distribution was just the first partial distribution of the trust,” Lynette Ecord, Texas Conference Planned Giving & Trust Services director, shared.

Texas Conference President Elton DeMoraes mentioned it during the April episode of TEXTalk (​​ when he talked about the importance of legacy giving through Texas Conference Planned Giving & Trust Services. Because someone remembered the conference and LWR in their giving, he said, they were able to present that check on their behalf. That’s legacy giving. 

Su Nam Song, Texas Conference Pathfinder medical coordinator, cut the ribbon during the dedication of the nurse’s station on Pathfinder camporee Sabbath. Donors and volunteers alike worked to complete the nurse’s station, providing a cool, clean and private place to treat those needing assistance during LWR large events.

Perez and his wife Anabel, LWR manager, are excited about the progress made so far at LWR. At the time of this writing, in addition to the bathroom/shower house project, they are renovating a house on the property to provide much-needed lodging. “We couldn’t do it without our incredible volunteers who give of their time to make LWR great,” Perez was quick to add.

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Tamara Michalenko Terry

Associate Director

Communication & Public Relations