Bridging the Gap

Young Adults Meet With Conference Administration
October 17, 2018

OKLAHOMA CITY – On May 12, the administration of the Oklahoma Conference of Seventh-day Adventists met with more than 30 young adults representing almost 20 churches throughout the state. Churches had been asked to elect and sponsor one or two young adults to attend a Young Adult Vision Meeting.

The youth director and administration desired to have an honest and hopeful conversation with their young adult community to help cast a vision and set direction. The conference has been learning, likeas many others in the North American Division, that the voice of the young adults needs to be heard and gaps need to be bridged in order to be able to better serve them.

The first of the three-part meeting focused on getting to know each other. Young adults and administration alike had the opportunity to share about themselves and have a short season of prayer. The next part was the core element in our meeting: listening to young adults. We asked them what is working, what was missing, and what is confusing. The last part of our program consisted in giving out gift cards, taking pictures, and enjoying dinner together.

Our young people gave great feedback and we made connections. This is only a first step in launching an ongoing and effective young adult ministry. The administration will be sharing the feedback with the local pastors and church leaders while praying about where we go from here and how we can continue to bridge our many gaps.

By Daniel Ortega, Youth and Young Adult Director

Photos by Annette Park