Called to Work

Saragosa Church Makes a NEW START in 2020
May 7, 2020

SARAGOSA, TEX. – The Saragosa Seventh-day Adventist Church proposed to do something different in 2020. Early in the year, the church found that visitors who were taking Bible studies or were participating in small group study were also interested in learning more about health. Members came together in prayer and developed a plan to promote the health message in the Saragosa community. The church organized cooking and meal planning classes. They provided information on plant-based nutrition, selective ingredients, healthy serving sizes, healthy sugar substitutes and healthier ways to make Tex-Mex food.

This gave birth to the NEW START ministry that is now taking place on a monthly basis. The NEW START name stands for Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sun, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust in God, which are the topics they focus on every month. Although the original purpose of the ministry was to serve the community and further promote the Adventist health message, it has also had a positive impact on the church directly. The church is now working together continuously, which has helped mend some relationships among members. It also has helped the members deepen and develop a more intimate relationship with God. More importantly, the NEW START ministry has generated a lot of interest in the subjects of physical, mental and spiritual health from non-members, which has paved the way to more Bible studies.

We have been called to do God’s work and the Saragosa church is determined to keep moving forward in 2020!

By Jonathan Gonzalez, Pastor