Celebration by the Lake

Churches Worship in God’s Sanctuary
October 17, 2018

WAGONER, OKLA. – The annual celebration by the lake is a time of joy and fellowship when the Wagoner and Muskogee Seventh-day Adventist Churches come together to spend time with God to see the Master’s stroke paint a beautiful picture with sights and sounds outside our normal routine. The church members enjoy their time in nature to recharge their batteries to serve God in their respective cities.

Being sister churches has allowed the churches to come together in the development of community programs that involve both congregations. The Muskogee church participates at the Gospel Rescue Mission where they feed the less fortunate, and have an opportunity to witness for Christ. The Wagoner church also participates also in a community outreach program. Both churches are collectively involved in prison and jail house ministries.

The Muskogee church is launching into an expanded educational ministry. This year with their new school building and land development, the Muskogee metro area is being provided a quality educational opportunity for its children within this growing community. The benefits from this will be seen for years to come.

Evangelism comes in all forms, and both churches are reaching out to their respective communities with personal and correspondence Bible study programs through mail outs and public seminars. Helping each other, whether it is individually or collectively, is what Christ would have us do in unity and purpose, and basically that is how we share the love of Christ.

By Jack Harris