Children’s Emotional and Physical Health Seminar

October 24, 2023

TULSA, OKLA. – On Aug. 12-13, Oklahoma Conference children’s ministries held a double training on emotional and physical health for children in the Tulsa area. The theme for Saturday’s seminar was “Happy and Loved Children.” The presenters were Sonia Canó, Southwestern Union children’s ministries director; Luis Prieto, Oklahoma Conference Spanish coordinator; and Ninett Campos and Damaris Prieto. The closing ceremony culminated with 98 people receiving their certificates of completion. 

The second training was an expo on health for kids, in which the children had fun learning how to take care of their bodies with the theme “The Eight Health Laws.” The expo began on Sabbath and finished with a hands-on event on Sunday. 

It was a phenomenal training and the leaders represented are eager to take this health and emotional expo back to their cities and impact families for His Kingdom. “We are praising the Lord for His care and the opportunity to learn and build a foundation of unconditional love for our children!” said Damaris Prieto, Oklahoma Conference children’s ministries coordinator.

By Damaris Prieto

Children’s Ministries Assistant