Christ-like Compassion

Loving the Whole Person, No Strings Attached
February 25, 2019

What does it mean to be the hands and feet of Christ? I believe it means showing love and compassion, meeting the needs of others while sharing grace and mercy with a forgiving heart. That is what over 1,600 volunteers from across the Southwestern Union showed North Texas residents during the Your Best Pathway to Health mega clinic held in Fort Worth, Texas.

According to the event organizers, this is the first time where the vast majority of volunteers came from the hosting union. Many of the volunteers came from Texas Conference and Southwest Region churches and Southwestern Adventist University contributed with over 100 nursing student volunteers. Each volunteer made a difference by recognizing that no task was too small or insignificant. Whether a health professional or willing volunteer, they all made a significant contribution impacting many lives during this event. Through their warm smiles, helpful demeanor and genuine interest, they were able to bring hope and healing to so many.

All of those who volunteered, be it by providing services, prepping meals, translating for patients or one of the many other ways we helped, were so enthusiastic about serving the community without any strings attached. I believe that in each smile, tear of happiness or a story shared by a patient we, the volunteers, got even more in return than we expected.

This was a major event, but we’d also like to recognize the many churches in our union who are reaching into their communities and providing similar services, loving their neighbors and meeting their needs. On behalf of the Southwestern Union I want to thank you for choosing to volunteer and share your gifts to enrich and impact people for the Kingdom.

By Elton DeMoraes, Southwestern Union Vice President for Ministries, Ministerial, Men’s Ministries and Stewardship Director