City Temple Reimagined

A New Reality for Dallas Church
March 8, 2021

DALLAS – COVID-19 has brought unprecedented new normals to our community and personal lives. People wearing masks, students learning remote, businesses closing permanently and the unprecedented visibility of racism and discrimination against persons of color.

The church is a microcosm of society and we see church buildings closed, virtual worship experiences streamed, seniors suffer isolation and loneliness, etc. But quietly, almost imperceptibly, during the pandemic, the Lord is reimagining His church. For Dallas City Temple Seventh-day Adventist Church (DCT), this includes the members and the building.

The traditional worship service is out and livestream is in. For those of us who physically attend DCT to implement the weekly worship service, the small gathering of musicians, Sabbath School, AV and Elder teams engage in a weekly worship experience full of Holy Ghost power. Tyrone Douglas, pastor, provides pastoral leadership in the worship service production. Worship has been reimagined.

The Holy Spirit has led DCT ministry leaders into uncharted territory for Him. The Community Services team, led by Eunice Bailey, elder, hosts monthly food drives to respond to the needs of hungry families. DCT LiveWell, another outreach ministry, distributed over 600 PPE kits (masks and sanitizer) and 400 plant based meals to community residents, including persons with mental illness. Jaime Kowlessar, pastor of Dallas City Temple church and the DCT Justice Team continue to advocate key social justice issues as they register people to vote at various community gatherings. The Community Ministry is reimagined.

The building renovation and new family life center addition continue to move forward under the leadership of Nougen Grant. Initial concept renderings are completed and the ‘makeover’ work to expand our community footprint continues amid the pandemic. Church facilities reimagined.

The Holy Spirit is reimagining churches throughout the world. Let us watch, pray and work to hasten the Lord’s return where the reimagined church becomes the new reality, forever.

By Tyrone Douglas, Associate Pastor