Connecting Community

One Race at a Time
February 26, 2019

CHICKASHA, OKLA. – Under the leadership and vision of Jay Hagarty, the Chickasha Seventh-day Adventist Church decided to reach out to local families an unprecedented way. The church agreed to sponsor and host its first community Pinewood Derby. The event was advertised through personal invitations and the local town bulletins.

On Sunday, Nov. 18, over 20 participants and their families from the community gathered to race their custom-made pinewood derby cars at the local YMCA. Johnny Flores of Moore, Okla., contributed both his equipment and experience to make this community event a reality.

Many church members came together to set up and execute the races. Children and adults alike had the opportunity to connect and enjoy the afternoon with newly made friends as they watched each race with excitement. Ribbons and trophies were awarded for the top winners.

Ronnie Self, the church elder responsible for releasing the cars to launch each race, hopes that this event will lead to an opportunity to connect with these community families in a more personal way in the near future through upcoming church programs.

By Daniel Ortega, Communication Director