Conroe Church’s Intentional Community Connections

December 18, 2023

CONROE, TEX. – The Holy Spirit is delivering amazing results for the Lord in Conroe, Tex. Since Damon Snead began as pastor of the Conroe Seventh-day Adventist Church in 2019, membership has steadily increased. As of Aug. 23, 2023, there have been 46 baptisms, 17 re-baptisms and 29 professions of faith in the past four years. My husband, Rod, and I were baptized on Jan. 7, 2023. This was not an easy road for us as there were many challenges. We can’t ignore the many signs in the world around us: the decline of moral standards, a growing lack of kindness and an increase in wars and rumors of wars. The three angel’s message is shining bright as to what is ahead.

As we intentionally connect with our community, Conroe church members hosted a Free Back to School Health Fair on Sunday, July 16, 2023, led by Mary Snead and Gloria Belew. The fair provided free services for almost 200 community members. This included 45 vision consultations, 30 dental screenings, 31 medical consultations and 33 massages, a foot soak booth, an herbalist, local retailers and volunteers providing information on healthy food choices, exercise tips and many delicious samples. The Adventurer and Pathfinder booths had 24 family interests. The Conroe church Community Care team collected and distributed 160 packs of clothing, winter coats, 113 backpacks filled with school supplies and dozens of children’s shoes. 

Sept. 8 to Oct. 7, 2023, a Final Countdown – Revelation and Current Events seminar was presented by Damon Snead. Recorded on the church’s YouTube channel, it averaged 430 views a night and is still available for viewing at

We want to stay close to the Lord, the core beliefs of our church and remember how the book ends. Spoiler: God Wins, and so will the remnant.

By Christy Anderson