Cumbre Hispana de CRECIENDO JUNTOS: Growing Together

August 16, 2022

KEENE, TEX. – On August 29-30, 2022 the Southwestern Union and its five conferences hosted the first Cumbre Hispana de CRECIENDO JUNTOS (Growing Together Hispanic Summit) on the campus of our Southwestern Adventist University. In fact, it is one of the first Hispanic Summits in theNorth American Division.

Thirty-one churches and 149 youth and adult leaders participated in the launch of this initiative in the Southwestern Union territory. We shared ideas and strategies on how to integrate and engage young people of all ages in the different ministries of our churches. The Growing Together Initiative calls for youth to be able to actively participate in community outreach and mission accomplishment in our churches with the counsel, mentorship and empowerment of adult leaders. 

Presenters José A. Barrientos, Potomac Conference Youth Ministries director; David Craig, Arkansas-Louisiana Conference Youth Ministries director and Federico Revollo, Potomac Conference district pastor explored the project’s six essential strategies for developing young leaders who love and enjoy church. 

They explained how to promote the distribution of leadership by empathizing with young people, prioritizing their needs and integrating them to participate in everything. They spoke of the need to sincerely emphasize the message of Jesus.

The presenters discussed the importance of promoting a comprehensive sense of family in our congregations, as well as an atmosphere of love and acceptance. These simple, yet important Christian principles help impact our church communities and allow us to be the best neighbors.

The summit was led by the Southwestern Union Youth Ministries Director Helvis Moody with the support of Southwestern Union administrators Carlos Craig, president, Tony Anobile, Church Ministries vice president and Osvaldo Rigacci, Multicultural Ministries vice president. 

We are confident that the experience of these churches will help retain and develop vibrant young people who are effective leaders working alongside adults in the ministries of our churches. We also hope that the journey of these congregations will motivate other churches.

The hope is that this initiative spurs an awakening and revival that impacts communities and promotes the fulfillment of the Gospel mission.

By Osvaldo Rigacci

VP for Multicultural Ministries