Delving Into the Word

The main priority of the Texas Conference Youth and Young Adult Department is to have a strong focus on the Bible.
June 3, 2018

The main priority of the Texas Conference Youth and Young Adult Department is to have a strong focus on the Bible. It is our wish that every young person pray and read the Bible every day. Through our programs, young people will not only know about Jesus, but get to know Him as their friend and savior.  

To start the year off right, we implemented a Bible Challenge encouraging young people to commit to read one chapter of the Bible in the morning and one at night for 30 days. As a follow up, it is our hope that churches will encourage small group Bible study through Engage Groups. These groups would study Bible topics that are relevant to everyday life providing both fellowship and engagement with each other and with God.

May 18-20, 2018, we will premiere our first sports tournament at Southwestern Adventist University. A great way for team bonding, each church can sponsor a team for basketball, soccer or volleyball. Keynote speakers for the event are Sandy Smith, former NBA player and Michael Charles, former NFL player, who are both now Seventh-day Adventists.

World Changers is another program we started to provide opportunities for our young people to be missionaries. Our mission trip for 2018 will be to Thailand. We currently have three young adults serving as one-year missionaries in the countries of South Korea, Kazakhstan, and Peru.

It is time for our summer camp program! For the first time, we have a young adult summer camp week option available. Be sure to check out all of the options on our website.

Sometimes finances prohibit young people from attending summer camp. If you have young people in your church, encourage them to attend summer camp and assist them financially, if possible. Summer camp provides incredible experiences through outdoor activities and Bible-based programming.

We have a wonderful staff in the youth department. Pictured top left in the staff photo below is David Craig, Associate Director; Deborah Gendke (second right) and Iris Escobar (far right), Administrative Assistants and Christian Aparicio (bottom left), Designer. In addition, we have incredible volunteer teams in our Club Ministries and Area Coordinators. Visit our website at for more information.

Please keep us in your prayers as we work to impact Texas and our world.

By Paulo Tenorio, Youth Director