Education 360°

Video Camera Provides Full Classroom Experience
December 21, 2020

ALVARADO, TEX. – In our current climate, education has had to make significant changes to adapt to a multitude of protocols and regulations. Many of these adjustments are seen in the virtual realm more than in the physical sense.

As the Texas Conference Office of Education has worked to support schools with virtual education, Meeting Owl Pro video conference cameras were purchased to assist with a fully immersive distance learning experience. These innovative cameras provide a 360-degree experience for anyone watching virtually. The owl will automatically shift the camera to focus on whoever is speaking. The result is an experience that nearly feels like you are sitting in a classroom.

While these cameras will be purchased and rolled out on a trial basis, this is just one way that we are striving to make the educational experience seamless for all students.

Thank you for keeping our students and staff in prayer.

By Kisha Norris 

Vice President for Education