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A Summer Family Reunion, Teacher Edition
October 27, 2021

ROUND ROCK, TEX. – Family reunions are great. It’s a time to see people you haven’t seen in a long time. 

The Texas Conference education staff meet every year for training and fellowship. When it is time for the North American Division or Southwestern Union Teacher Conventions, it is a special treat, like a family reunion. Even new people know somebody who knows somebody.

This past Aug. 2-5, 2021, the Southwestern Union education department hosted a union-wide teacher convention at Kalahari Resorts and Conventions in Round Rock, Tex.

Texas Conference officers Elton DeMoraes, president; David Montoya, secretary and Randy Terry, treasurer, greeted the Texas group gathered.

“We can’t thank you enough for your service to our young people,” DeMoraes said. “You all are a vital part of our mission for evangelism in the Texas Conference.” 

“Working at a small school is very lonely from a professional/colleague perspective,” said Ana Luna, pictured left. She is the principal/head teacher for the Coggin Memorial School in Corpus Christi, Tex. “Gathering together with other teachers helps me feel part of a larger group. My very first teacher's convention filled me with indescribable awe and joy.”

Smith Castillo, pictured right in the green shirt, is the principal of Houston Adventist Academy. He shares, “The teachers’ convention is a time to connect with fellow educators who share the vision of ministering and educating students for service on this earth at the same time preparing to live with Jesus for eternity.” 

Thank you to the Southwestern Union education staff for coordinating such a wonderful event.

Thank you to our administration for coming to show your support, your gifts and dedication to Adventist education. Thank you to our conference education team for your passion to help our schools succeed. Thank you, most of all, to the education staff at the schools. You all truly make an eternal difference at your school with your young people.

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By Kisha Norris

Vice President for Education