Education Through Serving and Inspiring Others

April 10, 2024

GUYMON, OKLA. – The students at Pioneer Christian School in Guymon went into the community for a clean-up day. At the end, they filled 11 bags full of trash. Another service event was the Olympics Campout. Students were assembled into teams and each team made their own team flags. There were challenges like pushups, sit-ups and a one-mile race. The day finished with a trash competition with the winners being the team that collected the most trash from the campground area. The students were proud to have made a positive impact on their community! On a spiritual note, the Pioneer students performed three plays for an Oklahoma church. The skits were “The Battle of Jericho,”“Ehud Killing the Fat King,” and “Gideon.” The students really enjoyed performing these three skits, and especially enjoyed the potluck dinner provided by church members.

By Amy Ward