Educational Relief Fund

Financial Assistance for Schools Affected by COVID-19
October 29, 2020

BURLESON, TEX. – In addition to grappling with creating safe learning environments for students and teachers returning to schools this fall, educational institutions around the Southwestern Union have also been dealing with an approximately 14 percent drop in enrollment that has been attributed to COVID-19. 

In order to assist these schools in maintaining their educational programs, the Southwestern Union voted to provide assistance through an educational relief fund. For those schools experiencing a difference in enrollment of at least 10 percent, the fund provides a one-time appropriation of $1,000 per student for elementary schools, $1,200 per student for academies and $1,500 per student for boarding academies. In September, the Southwestern Union distributed $556,700 to 31 schools within the union territory that qualified for the fund.