Emotional and Spiritual Care for All

December 18, 2023

BURLESON, TEX. – In the bustling world of health care, where the well-being of patients is of utmost importance, it is often easy to overlook the needs of the dedicated caregivers working behind the scenes. At Texas Health Huguley Hospital Fort Worth South, whole-person care is the goal for every person we serve, as well as for every caregiver. That means ensuring everyone is cared for physically, mentally and spiritually.

Team members like Bonnie Hawkins-Jordan, a clinical mission integration (CMI) specialist at Texas Health Huguley, ensure caregivers receive the same compassionate care they provide their patients. “Because of my love for people and the Lord Jesus Christ who said, go ye into all the world, I felt called to add pastoral care and chaplaincy to my career path when I was working as a speech-language pathologist restoring capabilities of speaking, swallowing and cognitive abilities to people affected by loss,” said Hawkins-Jordan. “While working in this capacity, I saw a greater need for them to be ministered to emotionally and spiritually.”

Visiting various offices and health care providers throughout the hospital, Hawkins-Jordan spends her days making sure everyone feels mentally and spiritually healthy by praying with them and offering guidance with devotionals. In addition to rounding at the hospital, Hawkins-Jordan visits 35 outpatient clinics every week, traveling nearly 90 miles roundtrip. “When I go from the hospital to my other off-site clinics, I’m able to bring them joy and encouragement just as I do with those that are based at the hospital,” she said.

Health care professionals face unique challenges in their daily roles. The demanding nature of their work can sometimes lead to burnout, stress and emotional exhaustion. By providing spiritual guidance, team members like Hawkins-Jordan play a critical role in ensuring the well-being of the hospital’s caregivers.

Many team members have expressed gratitude for Bonnie, saying she helps them through hard times. “To have somebody come every week to check on me and pray for me and the practice has a huge impact – and I love it,” said one physician. Others have shared that when they were anxious or depressed, she lifted their spirits with her devotionals.

Having CMI specialists fully dedicated to uplifting their fellow clinical staff makes all the difference. “When ministering to the staff and providing hope and encouragement, CMI specialists not only touch the lives of those in front of us but our influence can be compared to a ripple effect that expands beyond our initial contact into their families, friends, communities and beyond,” said Hawkins-Jordan.

Her story reflects the kind of personalized care that takes place at Texas Health Huguley. By ensuring the caregivers are well taken care of, CMI specialists can continue to successfully further the mission of “Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ” to the communities they serve.

By Jasmine Zamora-Garcia
Texas Health Huguley Hospital Communications Specialist