ESL Outreach Training

Make Friends for Jesus Teaching English Classes
February 26, 2019

ALVARADO, TEX. – In her book Evangelism, Ellen G. White writes, “We should be able to see in the multiplying opportunities to reach many foreigners in America a divinely appointed means of rapidly extending the third angel's message into all the nations of earth. God in His providence has brought men to our very doors and thrust them, as it were, into our arms, that they might learn the truth, and be qualified to do a work we could not do in getting the light before men of other tongues.”

With the influx of refugees in America, we have the opportunity to befriend foreigners right in our own town. One of the best gifts we can give is to teach them English. Texas Conference Evangelism is providing a tuition-free training using the BIESDA system, June 16-23, 2019, at Southwestern Adventist University in Keene. If you speak English fluently, you can learn to use that gift to teach English in your community or overseas making friends for Jesus. Find more information at

Article and Photo by Dan Serns, Evangelism Director