Eternal Education

Mount Ida Church Seeks to Educate
March 8, 2021

MOUNT IDA, ARK. – After the challenge of 2020, the Mount Ida Seventh-day Adventist Church decided to educate people about the significance of the times we are living in. Mount Ida, Ark., is the county seat of Montgomery County, and Norman is a town about eight miles south. During 2020, we decided to help people learn about COVID-19 and about ways they could protect themselves and their loved ones. One member sent 400 of the Three Angels Broadcasting Network’s COVID-19 informational magazine to the community. Another member sent the Signs of the Times Special COVID Issue to all the post office boxes in Norman. We have also been distributing the Amazing Facts magazine, America in Bible Prophecy, to anyone who might be interested in the topic. Two local pastors of different denominations were introduced to the magazine in separate conversations and seemed to appreciate both the conversation and the magazine. Following those meetings, someone (we don’t know who) sent America in Bible Prophecy to every address in the Norman zip code. Praise God!

The church also decided to publicize scriptures about the Seventh-day Sabbath. An ad the size of a business card was placed in the weekly Montgomery County newspaper for three months. The ad contained only scripture about the Sabbath with the name of the church at the bottom. Our radio station, KPGC 95.1 FM, is still “Proclaiming the Gospel of Christ,” as an affiliate of Life Talk Radio.

The church also started the New Year with 40 days of prayer. We long for empowerment to help finish the work and for God’s people in other churches to be convicted of the Bible truths they have received.

By Len Doughty