Falfurrias Centennial Celebration

August 21, 2023

FALFURRIAS, TEX. – May 6, 2023, was a blessed Sabbath day in Falfurrias, Tex. This small south Texas town had a centennial celebration at the Falfurrias Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church that gave its attendants a foretaste of the heavenly reunion we will have with our Lord.
From its humble beginnings in Espiridion and Macedonia Lara’s home, the first Sabbath School was officiated in April 1923 at a ranch known as El Laurel just east of Falfurrias in the community of La Parrita. Upon hearing the Gospel truth, Macedonia told Espiridion to throw her idols into the deepest part of the creek. Over time, all nine of their children were baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
In 1946, the members of the young Adventist church dedicated a church structure in La Copita (Southern Duval) on a half-acre track at 11369 FM 1329 donated by Jose Lara, one of Lara’s sons. They worshiped for many years in this humble church until June 22, 1974, when the present-day church, at 1728 SH 285, was built on land donated by Eva Adair.
The Falfurrias Spanish church celebrated its centennial, a privilege few churches have commemorated, with many members, visitors and guests, including Texas Conference President Elton DeMoraes and Texas Conference Vice President for Hispanic Ministries and Spanish Evangelism Ismael Castillo. Others joined the special service from Rio Grande Valley, Alice, Corpus Christi, Dallas/Fort Worth and even as far away as California.
Texas Conference Executive Secretary David Montoya was the keynote speaker. The Falfurrias Spanish church was his first church district in the Texas Conference. His keynote address kindled the hearts of all in attendance with an acronym in Spanish using the word FALFURRIAS. F was for Fiel (faithful), A was for Altísimo (highest), L was for Luz (light), F was for Fortaleza (strength), U was for Único (unique), R was for Redentor (redeemer), R was for Rey (king), I was for Inmortal (immortal), A was for Amor (love) and S was for Santo (saint). He also reminded everyone that Falfurrias means “the land of heart’s delight.” With these words, Montoya encouraged all to remain faithful until the soon coming of our Lord.
The celebration continued with a fabulous fellowship meal where others shared their testimonies. Almost everyone in attendance was directly related to our forefathers or had a special connection to the church’s founding. The day ended with many hugs, pictures and promises of reconnection.
A special appreciation is extended to all who contributed to the centennial celebration, who selflessly prepared the food and assisted in serving, and the church members who will continue shining a light in the Falfurrias community.
You can find more information about the centennial celebration in the news section of TexasAdventist.org.

By Jaime Alanis